DSUG Halloween Special! Mwahaha!

Episode 10 of the Dirty Shore Underground is HERE!

A very special episode of the podcast this week. A record-sized crew discuss their favorite scary movies; especially those with a Halloween theme or done by the Master of Horror: the late Wes Craven. They talk about their favorite Halloweens: past, present, and future; AND they discuss some local urban legends to the Mid-Shore. Check it out now!

This week, Kenny and Rob, of the O the Anthem podcast (new episodes every Tuesday) are joined by Karina, AND friends of the show Matt Madej, Russel The Love Muscle Sensenig and Harry Miller!

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Check out the recording of the Livestream of the Podcast

Check out every episode, recorded live on YouTube

Urban Legends
Urban Legends 2
Urban Legends 3
Wes Craven
I Know What You Did Last Summer
Friday the 13th
Freddy vs. Jason
The Nightmare Before Christmas

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New episodes of the Dirty Shore Underground are available every Thursday.

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