Black X: Part Duex

Episode 14 of the Dirty Shore Underground is HERE!

The second half of the night of the BLACK X! The X remained in the window the entire episode- AND THEY GOT A CALL LIVE ON THE PODCAST! (Check out Episode 12 for the full story, and Episode 13 for the first half of the night)

Kenny and Harry surprise Rob with an impromptu roast! Well, they try their best anyway- and talk about how AWESOME Rob is for an entire podcast. Either way, they take the lead once again; Rob is totally unaware of what is going to happen and the podcast comes on the fly. Harry once again graces us with some musical stylings AND some more great viewer interaction with the livestreamers. Its randomness at its finest.

This week, Kenny and Rob, of the O the Anthem podcast (new episodes every Tuesday) are joined by friend of the show Harry.

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New episodes of the Dirty Shore Underground are available every Thursday.

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