Eeny Meeny Miny Mo… DSUG Bonus Episode – Review of TWD 7:1

A new BONUS episode of the Dirty Shore Underground is here. We’re back in studio this week to discuss, and mourn, over the season premiere of #TheWalkingDead as #TWD debuts Season 7! The crew discusses the heroes, the villains, and the Walkers. They also mourn over their favorites, lost to #Lucille and the Wrath of Negan. Finally, they discuss their thoughts and predictions for Season 7, Part 1.

This week, Kenny is once again joined by Rob, of the O the Anthem podcast (new episodes every Tuesday) to discuss Episode 1 of The Walking Dead Season 7: “The Day Will Come Where You Won’t Be”.

New episodes of the Dirty Shore Underground will be coming soon. The guys end the podcast discussing the future of #DSUG. Check it out.

Check out the recording of the Livestream of the Podcast

Check out every episode, recorded live on YouTube

The Walking Dead

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