DSUG Bonus Episode: 7 Days to Day Gameplay

Tomorrow over at http://Facebook.com/dirtyshoreug DSUG has a livestream interview with the #vampking KINDRED TOMORROW at NOON EST. Make sure to send in your questions to DirtyShoreUG@gmail.com . In the meantime, to wet your whistle. we have a new BONUS episode of Dirty Shore Underground.

In this bonus episode, get a look into another part of #DSUG life: gaming. Follow along with the DSUG crew while playing 7 Days to Die. Be sure to turn on notifications on YouTube to watch the livestream and make sure to follow on the Twitch channel to play along.

This episode features the voices of Kenny (game livestreams available at twitch.tv/dirtyshoreug) on most nights. Matt Madej (psn id: Aequitas1986) and Brittney (psn id: Brittney_rave)

Check out the full Twitchcast here:

Check out every episode, recorded live on YouTube




New episodes of the Dirty Shore Underground will be available every Thursday. Make sure to update your podcast apps to get the new episodes as soon as they become available.

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